Samsung Demo Phone

8.3 Awesome

The Google Pixel 4A currently tops our rank of the greatest Samsung phones available, beating even the pricier iPhone Ultra Max Mega.

So unsurprisingly this is an absolutely fantastic phone. The design isn't massively changed from the previous generation, but most other elements upgraded.

The Good
  1. Modern and fresh yet sleek design
  2. Improved battery life
  3. Performance of M3 Chipset
  4. Designed for a larger screen
The Bad
  1. Lackluster Audio and tiny speaker
  2. Still ridiculously large
  3. Can't render the brightest colors
  4. Missing dedicated ports
  • Display 8
  • Performance 7
  • Battery Life 9
  • Connectivity 8.5
  • Price Value 9
  • User Ratings (6 Votes) 5.7
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